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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average turnaround?

Our average turnaround is heavily dependent on the ongoing nature of the work and number of images. In most cases, our re-touchers start working immediately after receiving the photos and desired reference sample.

How can I send you my photos?

You can share the photos with us via Dropbox/WeTransfer/Google Drive or E-mail them to us at

Can Stelavi Group handle the fluctuation of my image volume?

Yes! At Stelavi Group, our Automated Workflows and professional photo editing experts ensure that an increased work volume is seamlessly handled at an immediate notice.

What level of customer support does Stelavi Group offer?

Each Stelavi Group customer gets access to our end-to-end help centre and e-mail support that connects you to our incredible team of specialists. If you are an Enterprise customer, you also get the access to a dedicated and personal local account manager.

Will you retouch my pet or wedding photos?

Unfortunately, no. No matter how beautiful your dog, spouse or your wedding destination is, we only edit product, real estate and portrait images.