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Furniture and Specs Veterans

The presentation of your furniture and specs plays a significant role in defining your business. It is essential that businesses are able to display their products in real lifestyle settings for the customers to relate with the product and visualize them in an actual environment. This is where Stelavi’s product photography services for e-commerce come into play as we make sure that each product image is edited into a virtual environment that fits the product best.

We travel to locations across the country to understand the product in-depth, capture professional-looking photos and take on-board the client’s outlook about the product’s setting.

From beds, dining tables to side tables and bathroom fittings – we accentuate the existence of each product in a unique manner. Our team, along with product stylists and professional photographers, add fake backdrops that look real, add props and even make some arrangement changes to ensure that the picture clicked is nothing short of splendidly aesthetic.

After the dedicated photo-taking session, we take the images with us and work on their colour correction, exposure, clarity, brightness, tint, warmth, and other aspects of photo editing that accelerate the photo’s quality even further. Then, if need be, we add real-looking lifestyle environments and place the product in that territory for our clients to present the product to their customers.

Product photography is the backbone for every furniture and specs business, and we truly understand that. Our team of expert product stylists and editors are competent to enhance how your products look to help you expand your clientele. We offer competitive rates, punctual delivery times and an end-to-end customizable experience to our clients, and come equipped with an all-around editing skillset!