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Lifestyle Oracles

A product’s attraction quotient is determined by how well it blends with a real-life background. The easier the blend, the higher possibility of the product selling! And this is why we, at Stelavi, focus on providing your products with suitable environment and lifestyle backgrounds.

All you have to bring us is your product’s softcopy in a white background and wait for us to manipulate it the way you want us to! We add the product in a perspective that reaches the audience in the strongest way possible and intensifies their feelings to get your product. We add the proper lighting and shadow to the product to ensure that it looks as authentic as possible and is remarkably portrayed on the e-commerce websites and marketplaces like Amazon. This helps the clients intensify their overall customer conversion rate, as well.

Our team of Lifestyle photo editing experts consult experienced, and senior interior designers for the perfect background fit for furniture and indoor products. Wall arts can be manipulated by showcasing them on an actual wall that helps customers understand its proper positioning. Christmas balls can be decorated on a tree to see how they would exactly look. From a women’s handbag, flower vases, cushions, bean bags to fireplace screens, album holders, hammock swings and a lot more – Stelavi’s expert editors can make any product stand out in its most real way possible.

We focus on the product’s placement, retouching, vibrancy, background removal, saturation, white balance and the end-to-end cleaning and cropping of the image. At Stelavi, we aim to build a basket of product images that remind customers of realistic memories they can associate with. This helps them imagine the product in front of them – because in all sincerity, whatever is seen, is sold!

Stelavi’s lifestyle photo editing service providers offer a highly customizable, cost-effective and flexible editing approach that prioritizes our client’s demands over everything. We strive to amplify your product’s quality & appearance and give it a story that the customers can connect with. After all, it is all about looks in the product industry, isn’t it?