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Portrait Professionals

A perfect portrait/headshot is as important as building the perfect team of photo editors – one needs to ensure that perfection persists. At Stelavi, our portrait editing service providers ensure that each photo is retouched and the background is fixed to maintain uniformity across different industry standards.

Male Model Portrait Before Skin Retouching Male Model Portrait Skin Retouching
Female Portrait Before Retouching Female Portrait After Retouching

Each photo is worked upon by applying a photo filter, airbrushing the skin if required, colour correcting the overall image and working on blemish and scar removal if needed. Exposure, contrast, vibrancy and saturation are the editing aspects that we focus on.

Whether you need an edited portrait of yourself for your author website or require professional photo editing services for an entire team to be displayed in a catalogue – we do it all, under one roof, only at Stelavi!

Model With Armani Suit Raw High End Image Retouching Of Model With Armani Suit
Model Headshot Before Editing Background Model Headshot Editing Background
Female Employee Portrait Before Retouching Services Female Employee Portrait After Photoshop Retouching
Product Image Before Retouching Product Image Retouching
Man Headshot Retouching - Before Man Headshot Retouching - After
Product Before Professional Portrait Retouching Professional Portrait Retouching Services

Our services are cost-effective, timely delivered and follow a customizable approach as per your requirement. Removing stray hair, teeth whitening, eyebrow and lip retouching, image liquefying, red-eye removal, and shadow pattern fixing are a few of the many things that go into editing a portrait/headshot image to bring out the flawlessness in the picture.

From perfecting a model’s face to exhibiting an executive board member, our headshot retouching services guarantee 100% results that align with the client’s expectations to mimic their company’s signature and brand’s voice.