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Product Geniuses

Our team of adept and expert product photographers ensure that high-quality and polished product images are captured for client website and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify and more. All the client has to do is send us their product’s photos, share their vision for the product and wait for us to cast the spell to turn the product’s photo into perfection!

We analyze competitor websites and align the market standards with the client’s desired goal with respect to the product. Thereafter, our team comes up with above industry-standard images that are creative, enhanced and truly exceptional.

Our product styling artists, who are a pro at commercial photography services, advise us with their creative inputs to make the product stand out in the market. In the era of so much competition, our professional photographers and editors aim to make your product shine!

Our full-frame cameras, high-end lighting equipment, advanced diffusers and filters assist us in creating product images beyond the client’s expectations. All in all, we bring life to the product by adding certain elements, props and backgrounds to the photos that give it the ‘real’ effect through ‘reel’ effects.

The photoshoot is followed by editing images with advanced Photoshop tools, correcting the image’s dimension, adjusting colour contract, vibrancy and saturation, correcting white balance and a lot more. One image is worked on by several people who are skilled at their jobs, and the entire process takes no more than two weeks.

Stelavi is here to change the editing experience for clients across the globe, and we strive to do that by providing unrivalled services, matchless after-sales services and the best image capturing and editing service one would have ever witnessed! We are firm on deadlines and deliver as we promise, with work ethics and client satisfaction as the most important factors throughout the process.