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Product Perfectionists

Each product has a story to tell, and Stelavi’s Product Perfectionists work on exactly that! We work on the product’s retouching, colour correction, dust removal, and shadow placements regardless of its type and industry. Our team of photo editors make the product look genuine, honest-to-goodness and presentable on websites and marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify and more!

Buttons Ecommerce Product Photo Before Retouching Services Buttons Ecommerce Product Photo Retouching
Anti Smoking Product Before Photo Editing Anti Smoking Product Commercial Photo Editing

Our services are not industry-specific and can be availed across different domains, including but not restricted to eCommerce, retail, electronics, metals and a lot more. From head-gears, books, buttons, cushion covers, bicycles, hand puppets, to card games, tote bags, toys, bottles, lamps, and much more – there is no product that we cannot work on to make it stand up to your expectations.

Tonic Bottle Before Enhancement Tonic Bottle Product Photo Enhancement
Anti Smoking Product Before Retouching Anti Smoking Product Retouching
Wall Lamp Before Retouching Wall Lamp Product Retouching
Mint Seltzer Before Enhancement Mint Seltzer Product Photo Enhancement
Cycle Before Amazon Product Photo Editing Cycle Amazon Product Photo Editing
Snow Bike Product Image Before Editing Snow Bike Product Image Editing Service
Product Image Before Editing Product Image Editing Service After
Cushion Ecommerce Photo Before Editing Services Cushion Ecommerce Photo Editing
Inspirational Cards And Box Before Photoshop Services Online Inspirational Cards And Box After Photoshop Services Online
Hand Puppet Before Product Retouching Hand Puppet Product Retouching

Stelavi’s editing service providers have a strong eye for detail. They work on improving a product’s background, making the text on the products appear more clearly, and even adjusting the environments when required. All of this put together leads to an enhanced version of the product that tells a story and reaches out to the customers directly. All you have to do is get us your product and wait for the magic to transpire!