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Photo Retouching

Top 10 Photo Retouching Companies in the USA

By August 18, 2022No Comments

A photo speaks a thousand words and to speak the right volumes you need the right retouching done to your photos. Photo edits and retouches give the finest quality finish to your pictures. This can be a game changer for every business looking to grow, scale and sell.

If you are a business, big or small, you should send in your product and service photos for retouching in order to gain more sales, and customer satisfaction and find an edge over your competitors. Your search for the best photo retouching services ends here! We’ve put together a list of the 10 best photo retouching companies in the USA for you.

  1. Stelavi Group
    The company came into existence in 2013. Fostering team spirit and a keen eye for detail, Stelavi offers product photography along with retouching in areas of lifestyle retouching, apparel retouching, Jewelry retouching, landscape, and many more. They aim at delivering excellence in their photos with their professionals. With direct customer support, they are sure to meet your exact requirements, regardless of what you are looking for! 

    Stelavi specializes in lifestyle retouching. Their team of professionals and experts consult interior designers to bring to you the finest of lifestyle photos that are too real to be true! Bring to the table your requirements and their team of experts will deliver it to you in the shortest time possible. No doubt their retouching services are unbeatable.

  2. Cloud Retouch
    Cloud Retouch offers affordable retouching services starting as low as $0.39. They provide professional solutions to individual and commercial clients with services ranging from color correction, teeth whitening, smoothing, blemish removal, etc. Using the photoshop tool, the experts at Cloud Retouch hand edit the pictures. They have been in the industry since 2011.

    Cloud Retouch promises a delivery time of 12 hours guaranteed for they hand edit up to 5000 images per day. With 24/7 customer support and a free trial, Cloud Retouch is a great option for businesses that are new and exploring retouching services for the first time.

  3. Retouchup
    Retouchup offers great quality photo edits starting from as low as $0.029. They promise a delivery time of 24 hours. They offer three levels of retouching to choose from. The company was created by a team at Hollywood Fotofix Inc. and is in the retail photo industry since 1993. It is a family business based in Lima, Peru where Retouchup has its artists. The company has a team of artists that are dedicated and have years of experience which only keeps adding!

    The company stands for the motto “Picture Perfect Workflow”. They offer various packages that specialize in various types of retouching for you to choose from and what’s more? Retouch up also has a video editing service! The firm also is well-known for its photo restoration.

  4. Pixelz
    Pixelz is a company that makes use of AI retouching techniques to perform retouching on a large scale. The firm has worked for many well-known brands like Fossil, Express, True Religion, and Jack and Jones, etc. They have monthly and annual plans to choose from with add-ons of various specialized retouching services. Pixelz has a turnaround time ranging from as low as 3 hours to as long as 48 hours. 

    The company claims to be more than just a retouching service and is your post-production partner! Pixelz has its own platform where you can back up your images and has a continuous automated workflow of retouching. They have a plethora of services from retouching jewelry, eyewear, and furniture to working with portraits and models. Pixelz is great for large businesses that require continuous retouching services for a large number of photographs.

  5. OMS Photo
    The company is quite renowned for working with firms like Starbucks, Olay, and Hershey’s. They have three studios located in Cincinnati, Denver, and Orlando. With an amazing of photographers, producers, and retouching experts OMS can be your ultimate product photography partner. A single image retouching can cost anywhere between $50 to $450.

    OMS is not just a retouching service but can add magic to your photos. Their team of photographers and retouchers have keen attention to detail and work closely with you. While not every small business can afford OMS Photo services, they are great to take your brand to the next level!

  6. Global Photo Edit
    The company has 100% positive reviews, which in itself is a feat! With over 10+ years of experience, Global Photo Edit is well-known for maintaining a high quality of standard for their retouches. Their pricing starts from as low as $0.30 and varies on the number of retouching techniques you use on a single photo.

    Offering a free trial, the company also ensures that all the services are prompt and provided within time. They also offer great discounts on an order with more than a thousand images. They work specifically in retouching jewelry and various product photos along with portrait retouching.

  7. Clipping USA
    The company has notably worked with brands like Rolex, Amazon, Titan, Samsung, Nike, and eBay. No doubt it has some of the best photo retouching services to offer! The company aims to keep its services cost-effective and be available all round the clock. Some of their basic services start from $0.25.

    They specialize in working for businesses and commercial brands in product retouching of all kinds. It is your ‘go-to’ photo retouching service in terms of quality, cost-effectiveness, and delivery time. Clipping USA has a standard delivery time of 24 hours.

  8. Phixer
    The company is headquartered in Seattle with offices in Singapore, the Philippines, and Cebu. Phixer has a team of software engineers, photographers, video editors, and retouchers who are committed to making your photos look amazing. The company has edited and worked with more than 200 million photos to date. 

    Phixer specializes in working with and retouching real estate photos. Their team has experience of more than a decade in retouching real estate photos. They have clients in the industry like Airbnb, Opendoor, and Redfin. If you are a real-estate business, then Fixer is the perfect fit for you!

  9. Fix the Photo
    Fix the Photo has been in the industry since 2003 and has expanded into providing a large number of services. Their primary business area is the USA but they offer retouching services worldwide. With 17 years of experience, they have edited more than 10 million photos. They offer you a free trial and their editing services start from $2.50 per photo. 

    They work in retouching wedding photos, products, jewelry, and real estate photos as well. Fix the Photo also offers photo restoration services for $30 per photo. You are assured that your photos are in great hands while working with Fix the Photo!

  10. Shootpro24
    The firm is located in Illinois, USA. They bring to you a custom photo and video editing services. No matter what the content, they have your retouching covered. Ranging from Wedding photos to commercial shoots to videos of any length, Shootpro24 has a team of experts to retouch it all. 

    They offer services like photo restoration, manipulation, retouching, and masking along with Adobe Lightroom Editing and Album designing services. They have a huge variety of packages with some as low as $0.2. They also offer a few free services like tagging. If you are looking for specific edits and retouching to your photos under a budget then Shootpro24 is the perfect fit for you!

    With this, we round up the list of some of the best photo retouching services and companies in the USA. There is a wide range of options to choose from, in terms of delivery time, prices, services, etc. It’s time for you to now take your business to the next level with these services and stay ahead in the game! What are you waiting for?