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Composition Creators / Composition Elevators

At Stelavi, creativity has no limit! We work across different images to combine them together and create the final appearance of your choice. Want to unite a basket of vegetables? Wish to have a family portrait of people you never had a picture with? Want to combine two different places in one? Worry no more, Stelavi’s Composition Creators creatively merge different pieces and areas of different pictures together to create a collage that looks like imagination turned real!

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Stelavi’s photo editors arrange a number of visual elements together to formulate a pleasing imagery for the clients. From decluttering the background, simplifying the scene, spitting the frame, fixing the light to correcting the reflection, colour correction, retouching, and structuring – the composition team takes care of it all.

We add patterns, textures, leading lines, diagonals, triangles, depth, interest and symmetry to each picture in a way that it merges with the other pictures in the frame. This enables a photo to look as it was photographed together – but only we know the secret behind the beautiful amalgamation between the elements!

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Stelavi’s image composition services are high on quality, big on keeping promises and truly punctual. You command, we follow! Our team of experts are available at all points in time to guide you through the technical aspects of Image Composition and Retouching Services. Whether you want to get an individual photo’s composition corrected for official purposes or create a group family photo for your living space – we do it all at Stelavi.

We ensure that each image has its own story to tell, and the composition is able to convey how the story and subject are understood. The emphasis during image composition is always at the focal point of the photo because we aim to lead the eye of the observer by providing them with the most eye-catching and attention driven mid-point. Try our composition services today to experience the most creative yet professional, easy yet magnificent and discrete yet incomprehensible photo journey ever!