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Texture Replacement Specialists

Stelavi’s stellar photo texture replacement services endeavours to achieve the best wall and furniture results by creating dummy images that look nothing short of real and absolute! Irrespective of the product type, our photoshop service providers make sure that your product is placed in unfeigned environments.

Bedroom Photo Bedroom Wall Texture Editing
Bedroom Image Wall Texture Replacement Bedroom Image

From placing an exquisite sofa set in a real-looking living room to editing the wall textures provided by our clients onto actual walls – Stelavi’s texture replacement specialists are able to bring your product into life solely with their editing powers!

You can send us your textures and the product that you want us to incorporate it in, or only send over what you sell and leave the rest to us. We choose the best backgrounds that fit your articles in the most legitimate way possible.

Our editing experts remove the existing textures to replace them with your products in order to achieve an actual representation of how customers would see the textures and furniture in their homes. We bring virtuality into life that helps clients portray their products in front of their customers with its reality intact.

Living Room Image Living Room Wall Texture Photoshop Replacement
Living Room Photo Living Room Photo Photoshop Editing
Perceptive Building View Perceptive Building's Texture Replacement Photoshop Editing
People Inside The Restaurant Wall Texture Image Photoshop Editing
Home Decor Wall Image Home Decor Wall Texture Photoshop Editing
Home Decor Image Home Decor Image's Wall Texture Replacement Photoshop Editing

The team uses advanced photoshop services to edit textures and a layer blending technique to blend different textures into different backgrounds with a proper perspective and sizing tool that makes the change unnoticeable sand realistic.

Stelavi works on the product’s lighting, positioning, replacement, background removal, colour correction, white balance, exposure, tint, saturation and a lot more that makes the textures appear in their best appearance. Our editors have set their sights on providing top-quality services in a short turnaround to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best of everything – quality, services, promptness, and end product!